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Crystal Quality® Phone Call Recording and Analysis System

Avdor CIS Crystal Quality recording system is a system for recording landline and mobile phone calls, screen, SMS, monitoring and real-time verification. Our solution allow call center to record and store all conversations digitally or in part for the purpose of retrieving and listening to them when necessary.

The recording system makes it possible to manage the recordings, store them in the archive and retrieve them easily. It is also fully customizable with open architecture.

Multilingual user interface based on a simple and user-friendly web browser, which supports the Hebrew language.

Our Crystal Quality recording system includes a wide range of functions to support different business requirements.

Call Recording Software Pros:


Crystal Quality® recording system is a customizable modular solution for your organization. The system can be resized to fit almost any type and size of call center. We provide a solution for monitoring and recording calls whether employees are centrally located or distributed globally.

Enterprise Legal Compliance Recording:

Key Recording Applications

Quality Management Suite

  • Document, evaluate and analyze interaction with customers. Improve the customer experience calls to call center strengthen customer loyalty & improve service.
  • Crystal Quality® Form Designer – Unique and intuitive application enables survey design  questionnaires, evaluate agents by call center managers by providing scores for feedback.

Crystal Quality® Agent Application

Break traditional concept boundaries of recording and monitoring systems, enter large number of additional customer data from different sources, such as: CRM systems, control recordings (recording on demand). In addition, with the help of the API interface it is possible to interface the recording system with any type of third party application.
Control the recording manually (ROD) recording on demand, pause recording when providing confidential information such as credit cards.


SDK development tool allows third-party software such as CRM / ERP to communicate with the recording server in a two-way manner during a call , for example: CRM

Transmit complementary business information required to add to recording data, it’s then attached to the recording and are added to the search options in the system.

In addition, recording information can be transferred to CRM, including a link to listen to the recording with a button in CRM and attach it to the customer’s call.

Crystal Quality® Screen Cap

Key application which allows recording representatives screens, watch in real time.  Screen recording is synchronized with the audio recording, however each recording can be played individually.

The system supports the recording of multi-monitor workstations, the system has real-time screen monitoring capabilities without any dependence on the call.

Crystal Quality® Voice Analytics

Additional Modules:

  • Crystal Quality® module. Import audio files and turn them into text files in real time. Automatic Word spotting  – Search for transcribed conversation content. Audio and text files are synchronized. The transcript engine supports many languages including Hebrew.
  • AI Crystal Quality® Predictive Analysis – Real-time call analysis. Build a personality profile through speech analysis regardless of language and culture. The concept is based on measuring speech patterns that exist naturally in each person. These patterns reflect emotional responses and tendencies to certain behaviors such as human temperament, risk-taking tendency, sociability, openness, and adaptability. Help identify and predict at-risk customers.

What do we record?

Recording a wide range of communication channels:

Our hybrid configuration, implemented in the recording system, combined on a single recording server from a large number of communication sources, such as: Digital smartphones, extensions or analog lines, PRI lines or VoIP, cell phones along with SMS recordings, representative screens and PCI-DSS compliance. 

Mobile recordings are preformed by separating a business number from a private line, not dependent on operator and no private conversations are recorded. Recordings are not stored on the mobile device – but in the recording system.

Key Features:

  • Central recording management

  • Passive Recording Support in VoIP Environments

  • Support for active recording in a VoIP environment:
    Integration with the PBX components, the system receives the call traffic directly to the recording server without the use of PORT MIRROR. (Cisco BIB, Mitel, Avaya DMCC)

  • Passive TDM recording support

  • Different approaches to call recording

  • Integration with PBX and CTI types, different VoIP protocols, such as: Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, and more!

Compliance & MIFI II

  • PCI-DSS – Avdor CIS Crystal Quality® recording system fully complies with PCI standards, includes a built-in solution for delaying recording during spoken credit information.
  • Encryption and security – The system uses SSL TLS protocols for data transfer and file encryption based on AES algorithm.
    International regulations: Avdor CIS recording system complies with a number of global regulations such as: MiFID and FSA.

Regulation and Security

Simple and transparent licensing policy: 
No hidden costs
Licenses according to various modules and additions:
    – PCI-DSS
   – Transcription (Hebrew)
   – Real-time call analysis
  – Mobile recording

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